Adult Tennis

All Levels Are Welcome

Paducah Tennis Association offers many options for Adult players in the Paducah area. We divide play into two categories: USTA and Social. Our Social Tennis events and programs are a great way to mingle with other players and takes many forms. Our USTA leagues is in partnership with USTA Kentucky through USTA Southern, all of which is part of USTA National.  Each league consists of matches over the course of 4-8 weeks and follows a format determined by ages of players and type of league. Teams are formed throughout the year and captains are responsible for making sure players are registered. If you are interested in playing for a league and need to find a captain and team please contact us!

USTA Adult Leagues are divided into age groups.  Players may not play in age groups in which they do not belong.  Currently, PTA offers the following age groups:

18+ (players may play after turning 18)

40+ (players must be 40 or older by Dec. 31st of current calendar year )

55+ (players must be 55 or older by Dec. 31st of current calendar year)


Adult League: Teams are formed by NRTP level and compete against similar leveled teams.  All teams are either all-women or all-men. The format depends on the age group, but consists of a combination of doubles and singles courts.

Combo League: Teams are formed with two NRTP levels – each doubles partnership is comprised of each level (example: a 3.0 player and a 3.5 player).  Teams play against other teams comprised of the same NRTP level combinations. The format is all doubles.

Tri-level: Teams are formed with three NRTP levels.  Each doubles partnership is comprised of two players of the same level. Teams play against other teams comprised of the same NRTP level combination.  The format is all doubles.

Mixed: Teams are formed with a combination of men and women and can follow the format of either traditional (all players on the court are the same NRTP level) or combo. All matches are doubles.

NRTP Levels

All players must have a NRTP rank before registering for league play.  Within your USTA account is your NRTP level. For those new to tennis or those who haven’t played for a while, USTA will ask a series of questions to determine your level. This is called self-ranking. When registering for leagues, players may play their current rank or one level higher.  Players are never allowed to play at a lower rank. To find your rank or to regiser with USTA, go here.

PTA currently offers leagues for players ranked 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0.