We’ve all been there before.  We get out of bed in the morning and our legs just don’t bend the way they’re supposed to. Calling it ‘stiff’ is quite the understatement! Tennis can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but the downside is it takes quite the toll on our bodies; the longer we play, the more it hurts! 

The good news is there are ways we can prevent the pain and stiffness and even help it after the fact. Whether you enjoy going to the gym, using exercise equipment at home, going for a nightly walk, or any other way to stretch your sore muscles, your body will be grateful and your game will improve.

One way to alleviate the soreness that many might not have considered is yoga.  Nowadays, there seems to be a yoga studio on every corner with a variety of styles to choose from.  As to the benefits of yoga for tennis players, Everyday Yoga explains:

“Yoga steps onto the court with a range of moves designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance tennis players from head to toe. It’s the perfect cooldown partner after a grueling match or a pre-game warm-up to get your body game-set-match ready.”

So, next time your week is crammed with games and friendly practices, consider yoga as a companion to your tennis.  Although soreness is a sign of strength, we all can agree that a little bit goes a long way.